About - Day Trading for Income is all about eliminating the "overtrading" that occurs with most traders. The focus is on discipline, patience and high-probability patterns.  

About - Kevin

This is where I should impress you with my credentials. Tell you that I'm a retired hedge fund manager, former floor trader, or chess champion with an off-the-charts IQ. Tell you that I just cracked the code and developed a new black-box system that will make you millions.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm just an average joe who figured out how to be one of the 5%--the small, mysterious group of traders who trade profitably.

My Journey to success

Mid-way through architecture college I got comfortable in a full time position at a design/build firm. I started contributing to my employers 401K plan. That's where my interest in the stock market began. I needed to know where I was putting my money. My co-workers started asking me for investment advice. My employer put me on the committee that would decide which company would provide our firm's 401K program, I began carefully analyzing trends.

I quickly saw the potential to earn more by closely watching the markets, After reading dozens of books on day trading, I was sure I could succeed. In January, 2007 I opened a day trading account and reduced my day job hours to part-time so that I could learn to trade. I was not trying to get rich quick. I simply wanted to make a decent living and escape the rat race. I figured it would take me about a year before I would be successful enough to trade full-time.

If only it had been that easy! Day trading is much harder than I ever anticipated.

I joined an online trading group that promised to teach me everything that I needed to know to be a successful day trader. They showed me all kinds of "dangling carrots" like over-sold stochastics, candlestick patterns, and MACD cross-overs. Because I invested my money and my faith; it took me two years to pull myself away from that group. They were teaching methods that were not back tested and demonstrating those methods on a simulation account. I knew they were fakes and I had to make the decision to throw away my time and start with someone else. I moved onto other groups that proved equally fruitless.

By the fourth year of my frustrating new career, I was more determined than ever to make it as a trader. I also knew that I had to develop my own strategy for success.

Unlock Your Potential

After all those years of watching every tick of the market every day of the week, I had created my own strategy that was reliably tracking re-occurring patterns. I was by no means getting rich, but I was trading profitably. And I had also found the key to unlocking my potential as a professional trader.

With Day Trading for Income, I want to give you that same key. I sincerely want to help new traders avoid all the hurdles I faced and learn to trade profitably from the very beginning. It is possible to make money while you learn! Day Trading for Income is an educational environment that includes both online classroom style learning and one-on-one mentoring. Inside the classroom, we focus on trading with discipline by patiently waiting for highly-probable trade setups. These strategies are not proprietary; instead, they are a structured way of approaching trading as a serious business.

The trading methods we use are simple and easy to learn. They are the result of extreme diligence, observation, and listening to the markets.

Trading is unlike any other endeavor. Hard work and dedication will not necessarily lead to success. No matter how hard you work to build your account, you will only be successful if you start with a solid foundation. Day Trading for Income can help you lay the groundwork for a profitable future.

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